High Potential International


High Potential is a leadership program partnered by Mellansvenska Handelskammaren and J2 Leadership & Culture.

The program has had a strong impact on leaders in our region for over five years.

We are now offering High Potential as an international leadership development program.

With High Potential International you get all the benefits of the High Potential program plus added insight into how to handle differences in culture and values within a Swedish context.

About the program


Tällbergsgården, Rättvik, Dalarna.
! The program will be held digitaly if needed due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Module 1

4-5 of February

Module 3

8-9 of April

Module 2

11-12 of March

Module 4

6-7 of May


60.000 SEK excluding VAT.
50.000 SEK for members of Mellansvenska Handelskammaren.
Accommodation and meals are included in the price. Travel at own expense.

Why HPI now?

Uncertain times
We are living in uncertain times and leadership is required to sustain collaboration across countries, companies, organisations and to continue generate business value now more than ever. Our value proposition this time addresses a population of leaders that are key for our companies and our society to continue to deliver products, services and solutions despite the pandemic. Leaders need to manage what´s going on right now and at the same time see beyond the pandemic.

The purpose of the program is to help you gain insights into who you are and clarify your ambition as a leader. Leadership always starts with you and how you lead yourself to drive performance and related behaviours.

We don´t guess.
We know from own experience backed by hard numbers that strong leadership skills improve both physical and psychological safety as well as bottom line results, customer satisfaction and top talent attraction.

Culture and values
Building a winning culture as a leader will help you to implement any strategy and drive change with impact. Connecting core values with behaviors secures the foundation for peoples motivation and engagement.

High Potential

The numbers speak for themselves

Number of participants
Evaluation score (out of 6)

Candidate critereas

Your ambition, motivation and willingness to learn will be key for your success

Leaders with exposure to international environments who will benefit from a leadership program in English with participants from diverse business and backgrounds.

Leaders with a need to strengthen leadership and gain better understanding of how to lead business and people in Sweden as well as international.

Leaders with an ambition to build a winning culture based on inclusive leadership and human rights.

You don´t have to be in a formal leadership position as long as you have the responsibility to lead people and teams. 

Regardless if you are an experienced leader or in the beginning of your career, this is the opportunity for you.

Program overview

Four modules, one theme - Leadership is the strongest driver for performance and culture

Module 1 - Me as a leader

– Why should anyone be lead by me?
– How am I percieved as a leader?
– What are my strenghts and areas of development
– Design sprints for behavioural development

Module 2 - Culture, values and behaviours

– Mega trends
– Leading business and people
– Culture and values

Module 3 - Toolbox

– Coaching
– Feedback
– Building, challenging and developing the team
– Communication and dialogue

Module 4 - Let´s go!

– Diversity of thoughts drive performance
– Challenge beyond learning
– Developing mentor´s experience

The team

Jerker Enarsson


+46 70 339 24 99

+46 70 339 24 99

Anders Berglund

Senior Lead

+46 76 894 56 45

+46 76 894 56 45

Per Brykt

Senior Lead

+46 70 385 69 00

+46 70 385 69 00

Simon Granström

Client Service Manager

+46 76 087 62 67

+46 76 087 62 67

If this is the program for you...

Send an application explaining your ambition, motivation and why learning about leadership is important to you.

Feel free to contact one of our team members for more information.